Gather fuzzy friends! Fight the boss! Fight the boss again!

This is my first ever Ludum Dare, and I might have tried to bite a little too much. The end result actually works (!), but the cats are a bit buggy sometimes.

The game was build entirely in 48 hours for the Compo category. Everything was done by me: art, music, code and all. My god, time flies!

Theme was: Growing

Ludum Dare 34 - Power Disney Princess Simulator 5000" class="img-fluid


  • a-d to move.
  • spacebar to jump.
  • click and hold on critters or the boss.

I’ve been thinking and imagining a critter collection game for a long time, this was the perfect occasion to make a prototype. I now believe just pressing “capture” on critters is not a fun enough mechanic. Running around with all the animals is totally awesome. And I really need to work on level design :)

Everything grows! Except you.

Hope you enjoy o/