Mtl Jam Nations - Amour ou Patrie

June 11 2016

I was lead developer with a team of 6 for Mtl Jam Nations. Was a great weekend. We had a lot of fun playing it with 4 controllers. It was quite a sleepless weekend :)

OneHourGameJam - Toasty Morning

January 16 2016

For this OneHourGameJam, I decided I wouldn’t use any character controller. I wanted to push my knowledge and experience of Unity UI. The result is very acceptable, though the UI workflow is very slow compared to more traditional games.

OneHourGameJam - No Scope Shopper

January 02 2016

So with this game, I wanted to make a shopping/stealing game, but really didn’t have the time. In hindsight, I should’ve ditched the character and made a point-and-click game. Moreover, I experimented with RigidBody AddForce() for the character controller, and it is the worst I’ve ever released. All that being said, I learned a ton (as always), so it was an overall positive experience. Theme was: target Play A/d to move.

OneHourGameJam - Brain Is Jello

December 05 2015

Today I am sick. I wanted to work with text scene switching but didn’t get to it. I did make a reusable RPGText component and all. It’s pretty nice, expect to see it on the Unity store.

1HourGameJam - Free Falling

November 28 2015

I ended up doing a simple falling game. Not very original, but I really like the control and feel. The game is way too hard, gl hf!