Somehow, due to either miss-information or a change it twitch’s apis, the web is filled with false information about livestreamer and downloading twitch replays. Lets fix that.

Livestreamer doesn’t save Twitch’s Past Broadcasts in an flv container.

Why does this matter? Because it means downloaded VODs are ready to play in Quicktime, or drop into Final Cut Pro without any transcoding whatsoever.

Here is how to download a past broadcast in ONE easy step:

livestreamer --http-header Client-ID=jzkbprff40iqj646a697cyrvl0zt2m6 best -o movie.m2ts

That is it. Notice the .m2ts, it is really important as Quicktime and FCPX actually check the extension and wont play it other-wise. Yes, Apple apps don’t even try to…

2 thoughts on “Downloading Twitch replays is easy

  1. Last week this worked, but this week I’m getting error message Unable to open URL (400 Client Error: Bad Request)
    I had the same error problem today trying to open the live Twitch stream in Livestreamer.
    CAN ANYONE HELP with this?

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